SSI 2022 Final Presentations: Session 2

Hear from students of the Summer Systematics Institute, our museum-based internship with support from NSF’s Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program.

1:40 PM — David Canseco Vielma, San Bernardino Valley College // Population Structure of Lathys maculina Gertsch in the Southeastern United States (Aranae: Dictynidae) // Advisors: Sarah Crews, Kate Montana, Lauren Esposito

2:00 PM — Chloé Allen, University of North Georgia // Genetic Tools and Morphology Clarify the Identity of Mystery Puddle Frogs in Natural History Collections // Advisor: Dr. Rayna Bell

2:20 PM — Clarissa Lam, Reed College // Improving Associations with Scientific Collections Using Short-form Video Content // Advisors: Laurel Allen, Arya Natarajan

2:40 PM — Alizee Gamber, University of San Francisco // Surrogates for extinct species: Identifying an ecological and evolutionary ‘stand-in’ for the extinct Xerces Blue butterfly // Advisor: Dr. Durrell Kapan

SSI Final Presentations, Session 1:

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