SSI 2022 Final Presentations: Session 1

Hear from students of the Summer Systematics Institute, our museum-based internship with support from NSF’s Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program.

10:00 AM — Holly Spinden, Colorado State University // Morphological Trait Range Variation and Species Co-occurrence in the Coastal California Castilleja Species Complex // Advisor: Dr. Sarah Jacobs

10:20 AM — Cesca Ledesma, Lawrence University // New Species of Cadlina from South Africa and a Revised Phylogeny // Advisors: Rebecca Johnson, Terry Gosliner, Lynn Bonomo

10:40 AM — Abigail Fritz, University of Dallas // Morphological Diversity and Molecular Phylogenetics of North Pacific Octocorals // Advisor: Dr. Gary Williams

SSI Final Presentations, Session 2:

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